Sunday, November 6, 2011

Toolbox for Christmas

A few weeks ago I was at my niece’s home, getting to know my new great-nephew. I offered to install the curtains in his room and asked for a screwdriver. I got the Leatherman. I got the job done --- yeah to Leatherman --- but later, when I asked my niece where her tool box was, she said she didn’t have one because everyone ‘borrowed’ her tools and didn’t return them. I knew then what she was getting for Christmas.  
So off I went to my favorite afternoon pass-time: wandering the isles of the big-box hardware store. I found a tool box from Stanley, no less, for $7.50 and started to fill it up.
Ladies: if you want a tool box for Christmas, leave this article lying around. Circle the title. 
Guys: If you want to be a hero, buy some lady in your life a tool box full of useful stuff and then leave it alone. 
What I put in Jet’s tool box:
A 25-foot tape measure that is easy to read and at least one inch wide.
A small level.
A short-handle full-size hammer. They are great, fit into the tool box and don’t weigh a ton.
A multi-head, long bit screwdriver. 
A small saw with a blade guard.
A fabric tool belt.
A package of dry-wall screws.
A package of assorted screws. This may be a bit mickey-mouse but these packages work well for someone who is just learning, or who only needs a few screws every once-in-awhile.
Pliers, needle-nosed pliers, linesman pliers, crescent wrench, side-cutter and scissors.
2-sided tape, masking tape, painters tape, packing tape, duct tape and scotch tape.
A pencil, pencil sharpener, push pins, a fine tipped Sharpie, a package of elastic bands.
A ruler.
A disappearing fabric marking pencil.  Great for marking walls; the marks are gone after a few hours. 
A package of the picture hanging hook things. Called a drywall hook. They really work and only make a tiny hole in the wall.
The only things missing are a 2-battery rechargeable drill and a stud finder. I think someone else can buy her that for Christmas. I had so much fun getting everything together and  I didn’t want to wait to hear her reaction, so I sent it to her today. I know no-one will dare touch this tool box. 

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